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Twitter For Mac

Twitter just announced (via a tweet of course) that the native Mac app is officially dead and they will be moving an “experience that’s consistent across platforms”.

Well that’s great. The Twitter for Mac app has been a crap app for years, not really supported (slow up to be updated and I would say a lack of meaningful updates when it is actually updated. It’s basically a piece of crap. I’ve been a loyal Tweetbot user since almost day of using Twitter. Twitterific is pretty awesome too. I highly recommend either one. Both don’t display the nasty in-line ads in the recently deceased Mac app and they both sync timeline position with their iOS counterpart (if you care about such things; I do 😀).

Try either one out, I’m sure you’ll find yourself actually liking Twitter again.

Update:  Twitterific is on sale.  Get it now!


Space Pen


Interesting. I have always heard the line about NASA spending millions to create the space pen while Russian Cosmonauts just used a pencil. Glad to hear this is not really the case.

That said, $120+ pencils? C’mon NASA, that crap is how you get the reputation of making million dollar space pens to start with.