Cacti & Status Board

Something that has been on my list of things to look into for sometime is a way to integrate our monitoring applications (a combination of Veeam One, Cacti, and Icinga) and some “pretty” way of displaying all of the various WAN links and services on the wall.  Panic’s Status Board has always seemed like a great way to handle this, once I figured out a way to get the data formatted in a correct way and fed into it.

The easiest place to start seemed to be Cacti, all I needed to do was get the data from its graphs outputed and into Status Board.  I eventually found Adam Machin’s blog post about exporting graph data from Cacti into CSV files, which is one of the input types Cacti can accept.  His post got me started with a Cacti plugin named NmidDataExport that dumps the graph data to a CSV file on the Cacti server every two minutes.  The path to save the CSV file can be specified, I simply made it a path under /var/www so that it was accessible via Cacti’s Apache web server and *poof*!  As long as the iPad running Status Board is on the internal wifi that can access the VLAN the Cacti server is on, we’re in business!

The graphs Status Board makes are perfect for what I was looking for.  However there seems to be a bug in Status Board and dealing with the files generated by NmidDataExport.  It causes Status Board to crash as soon as it tries to open the file.  I am not sure but I believe it is due to how many digits exist after the decimal point in the CSV file.  I’ve got a support ticket open with Panic, they are working on a fix that wil be released shortly.  Once that is out, I’ll get some screenshots posted.  Between now and then I need to get to work on how I’m going to get data out of Veeam One or Icinga and into Status Board.  If anyone has any tips, contact me on Twitter or via email!