Western Digital Buys SanDisk

A couple years ago we had a monster SQL Server database server that desperately needed fast storage to match the beefy CPU and RAM that accompanied the new PowerEdge we were planning on buying.  We eventually settled on a generation 1 Fusion IO card.  At the time Fusion IO was a new-ish company that had made a name for themselves producing some of the fastest PCIE SSD storage on the planet.  A few years later we refreshed the SQL Server hardware again and purchased a generation 2 Fusion IO card.  This was one was roughly the same price, but twice the speed and twice the capacity as the generation 1 card.  In the years we used the gen 1 card in production, we had absolutely zero issues with the card.  Not one hiccup, not one crash, not a single issue.  Spending the $$ for a Gen 2 card was a fairly simple decision to make.  Rarely have I dealt with hardware or software with literally zero issues, but those cards (and drivers, can’t forget the drivers!) literally gave us zero issues.

The Gen 2 card lived up to the marketing promise of twice the speed and the extra capacity meant we could keep both the database and log files on the card.  We’re now approaching the 3 year mark for the Gen 2 card.  It also has had zero issues.  Not a single hardware or software issue.  However a while after we bought the Gen 2 card, Fusion IO as a company was scooped up by SanDisk.  We’ve not needed to purchase additional cards since the Gen 2 card (thanks Nutanix!), so I really can’t say how Fusion IO as a product faired under SanDisk.  But now SanDisk has been bought by Western Digital.  Nowhere nearly as a massive a deal as Dell buying EMC, but it is a large acquisition nonetheless.  

Hopefully between SanDisk and WD the magic sauce that made Fusion IO so completely awesome is still there and still working