Overcast 2.0


Overcast 2.0 was released earlier today.  Mac Stories wrote up a great review and interviewed the developer, Marco Armet, about the new release.

The two biggest features are support for streaming and moving away from free with IAP to completely free with a patronage model.

I can’t write a better review than Mac Stories, but that isn’t the intention of this post.  I just want to encourage anyone who previously tried Overcast but didn’t purchase the IAP to give it another try.  It was a day one purchase for me back when 1.0 was released.  As of this blog post, Smart Speed has saved me over 110 hours!  It really is the best podcast app (in my opinion).

I also want to give a quick shout out to the storage view feature that shows how much space is being used by each podcast subscription.  Also, for anyone with a 6S or 6S+, check out the 3D Touch menu from the spring board.  That is greatly appreciated!

I’d also like to encourage anyone who finds the app as useful as I do to look into Patronage screen under Settings.  It is not every day you see a truly great app drop the IAP and go completely free.  I’d like to send a few bucks Macro’s way. If you find Overcast half as useful as I do, you should to.