Porsche’s and Privacy

This article has been making its way around the Internet the past few days, specifically of note is bullet point number 5, which relates to why the 2017 Porsche has Apple’s Car Play but not Android Auto.  It essentially comes down to privacy.  In order for the car to work with Android Auto, the car has to be able to report to Google the following:

  • Speed
  • Throttle Position
  • Coolant and Oil Temp
  • Engine Revs

Meanwhile, for Car Play Apple only needs to know if the car is in motion or not (presumably for safety concerns).  Porsche has decided they don’t need Google’s in car dashboard if that the price that has to be paid to get it.  I’m glad to see companies are not backing down.  Not that I am in the market for a Porsche, but Google has gotten quite creepy the past few years.  If you’ll notice, this site doesn’t use Google Analytics or Google Ad Words.  I use Fastmail for my email, and I use DuckDuckGo for searching the web.  I’m not anti-google, but I am pro-privacy