All The Great Shows

This blog isn’t just about System Administration related things, it’s also a personal blog.  I wanted to take a minute and point out a relatively new podcast network (which celebrated their first year back in August), Relay.FM.

I put together a chart detailing All The Great Shows and the various hosts.  I enjoy quite a few of the shows, in fact most of my podcast time is spent listening one of Relay’s shows.  After putting this together, I finally figured out why Myke quit his job to do this full-time.  He’s quite busy.  🙂

Keep up the good work!

PS: If I accidentally left someone out, my apologies!  Please email

Edit: Apologies for the typo, it’s been fixed.

Edit 2: Added Version 2, hopefully its easier on the eyes.  Also added a multi-show guest host and ATP.  🙂