War and Peace

It looks like Marco Armet has pulled the newly launched Peace content blocker from the App Store a few days after releasing it.

Pretty much the instant it became available, Peace was high in the paid category of the App Store and was in the number #1 paid position across all categories in the US store as well as the top 25 in the top grossing category a few hours later.

Keep in mind, by all accounts this app was making decent-to-really-good money when he pulled it. Most people would love to have an app in that position. To pull an app like that, you’d have to feel strongly for doing so. And even then, a lot of people would not want turn off the income stream.

I’m not sure Marco knew what he was getting into before he entered the ad blocking business, but by most indications it’s quite the Toxic Hellstew. I wouldn’t want to be in that business and I don’t blame Marco for exiting. In his post I linked to above, he prominently linked to the App Store refund page. Directions can be found here. I am glad I purchased Peace (and will continue to use it until something better comes along). I am glad it will continue working, and I’m glad that Marco is not going to be stressing about being the destroyer of the free internet (snark).

Marco, no hard feelings, keep up the good work on Overcast, and chill out. Life is too good and too short to ruin with worrying about ad networks. And for the love of God man, you cared enough to stop selling a profitable app……also care enough to not care about the inevitable backlash.

In other words, Peace Out.