VMWorld 2015 Closing Thoughts

Waiting to board the plane out of SFO, I thought I’d put down some quick thoughts on my first VMWorld.  VMWorld was far and away the largest conference I’ve ever attended.  The second largest was Veeam On last year, it was ~1,000 attendees or so (maybe 1,500).  VMWorld was 23,000 attendees!  Quite the difference.  It was also my first time in San Francisco.   I would say if are in charge of your companies VMWare platform, there is no better conference to attend on the planet.

Some of my favorite sessions:

  • Virtualizing AD The Right Way
  • vSphere 6 Distributed Switches: Deep Dive
  • Upgrading to vSphere 6 Parts 1 and 2
  • vSphere CPU and Memory Scheduler: Deep Dive

Also, the closing general session was amazing.  Not so much tech related, but 3 neuroscientists spoke about how they are using technology to advance their field.  Some of it was over my head, but it was a very entertaining session.