iPad Issues While Traveling

Went to get my iPad out to do something on it, only to find it was disabled and required a connection to iTunes.  However I don’t use iTunes.  The iPad has never been connected to iTunes.  It would seem the Bluetooth keyboard in my backpack was trying to unlock the keypad on my iPad.  Too many failed entries and poof, the iPad locked itself.  That’s great if it gets stolen.  Not so great when I’m at VMWorld.  And even less great that my only option is to blow away the iPad (and all of the content I had loaded for the plane trip home) and start over with a new iOS install.  And from there restore from iCloud (but again my content for the plane trip home wasn’t being backed up to iCloud).  Best of all, the hotel wifi is slow.  It’s going to take 4 hours to download the 1.9 iOS bits (currnently running at 250 kb/sec).  Once that gets done, wonder how long it will take to restore from iCloud?  Whoever said San Francisco has fast wifi has never stayed at this hotel.